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Since our Launch, we’re working with around 20 e-Commerce websites, understanding their products and witnessing how their visitors interact, their expectations, questions etc. These companies are brands, startups and small businesses, who get a lot to no traffic in a day. As we get to have firsthand interaction with their visitors, it helped us to analyze them and work out a list on where these traffic is coming from.

So here are the top 5 ways we got to know, that are sure fire ways to increase sales on your Shopify store.

1. Add Instagram to your store

Instagram is the social media of choice for people who like sharing photos of everything going on in their lives – from the latest IT gadget, to a posh restaurant meal. You can use Instagram to get instant traffic. The Instagram app allows you to be more visual in the presentation of your products and even make your followers to become your promoters.

For example, you can challenge your Instagram followers to post their photos using your products and create hashtag trends. Even if you find it hard to believe, Instagram heaps brands a lot. I’ve looked over various statistics and found that it can increase awareness and engagement by more than 25% compared to other social media platforms. Remember, eCommerce is all about building trust and trust can be built by showing your products visually.

2. Send a reminder about abandoned carts

Did you know that 65% of people do not go through which an online purchase until completion? This happens for various reasons:

  • They got distracted and forgot about completing the transaction.
  • They accidentally closed the browser window and did not bother to reopen it.
  • They decide to ask a friend or the significant other’s opinion about the purchase.

The best way to remind your clients about their abandoned shopping carts and get more completed sales is to send them an email within 24 hours. Make it short, funny, interesting. People really don’t like having their hand forced, especially when it’s all about their hard earned money. I’ve found this app working for others : (we’re not affiliated to this app, just giving an uplift for their nice work), so have a look.

3. Generate reviews

After your customer received the order, send them an email thanking them for the purchase and asking them to rate both the product and the shopping experience. Social proof is extremely important when people access a website they have never visited before. They need proofs regarding the quality of the product and the type of user experience others have in doing business with that online store.

4. Give your online store a logical structure

We are all busy, that is why we are using online shopping. So we really have no time or patience to figure out where to look for a certain product or category of products. If searching your website for a product feels like an exploration of the Amazonian jungle, people will leave the site and never come back. Help them out: make it a simple and easy shopping experience for them.

5. Offer your visitors live personalized assistance

Nothing can replace the human touch, even in the online world. Sometimes, customers need advice regarding a certain product. In this situation, they will appreciate when someone opens a chat window and offers to guide the visitor with helpful information and suggestions. This type of concierge service for online stores is affordable and extremely effective: customers feel important and perceive that they do get their money worth in doing business with you.

Do you know other ways that can bring in more customers for our e-Commerce businesses? let us know in the comments! Be a part of an aspiring e-Commerce business owners community.

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