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Offer 24/7 Live Chat Support On Your eCommerce Store, For FREE.

NINJABot is a free Facebook Messenger Bot that can answer all of your store's pre-sales questions, auto-magically.

Yay! NINJABot recently won ManyChat's global bot building contest in eCommerce category. 

Yay! NINJABot recently won ManyChat's global bot building content in eCommerce category.

What Is NINJABot?

Offering live chat support to website visitors has been proved to increase sales by up to 40%. But manning it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is practically impossible.

That's where NINJABot comes in.

NINJABot is a FREE Facebook Messenger bot that helps eCommerce business owners with your 24/7 live chat support stream.

If you're an eCommerce business owner sending paid traffic to your store, you need NINJABot to increase your sales.

(Example store)

Built to answer almost all pre-sales questions and take returns & exchange requests auto-magically right on your website.

When NINJABot cannot answer a question, it will hand over the chat to you, so you can answer it whenever you can and help your visitors buy.

With NINJABot, you'll know who your visitor is and resume the chat right where you've left it, whenever you can.

Your answers don't have to be instant.

Why You Should Use NINJABot?

Because it can help you on not just one, but two sides. Your customer support & paid advertising.

On The Customer Support Side

Offer 24/7 Live Chat Support, FREE!

NINJABot pops up as a live chat widget directly on your website. As it can answer all of your customers' pre-sale questions, you got yourself a 24/7 live chat agent, for free.

Bot To Agent Handover.

When NINJABot cannot answer a question or if the customer requests to talk with a real human, the bot will automatically transfer the chat to you along with a notification. 

You can then take the chat from there and impress your potential customer.

Answer All Pre-Sales Questions. 

NINJABot can answer almost all of your pre-sales questions Including your shipping & delivery policies, returns & refunds terms, exchange policy, sizing charts, your store locations, discounts and a lot more.

Take Customer Returns & Exchange Requests.

Directly from the chat widget on your site and forward those requests to you, instantly.

On The Paid Advertising Side

A Facebook Messenger Bot.

Integrates with Facebook Messenger and builds your Messenger audience list. (They're the next best thing to build after your email list.)

Any visitor who initiates a chat with this bot (You'll know who exactly this person is) will be automatically added to your Messenger subscriber list.

In-built Segmentation.

We used tags everywhere in the bot for segmentation.

Want a list of potential customers who checked out your store locations? Done.

How about a list of potential customers who had a chat with you? All of this can be done with the bot.

Built On ManyChat.

NINJABot was built on Manychat, a popular stable Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Building Platform.

We've used their best features like tags, conditions, bot-agent handovers, menus etc. to equip NINJABot to perform some fantastic tasks.

Re-Targeting Live Chat Visitors.

You can download a list of your potential customers, import it to your Facebook custom audience and run highly targeted re-targeting ads just to these people.

Wouldn't it take your chance of converting them through the roof?

Take the bot for a test drive and see it for yourself.

NINJABot In Action

New Customer Workflow

Existing Customer Workflow

Contact Us Workflow

Cost Involved?

NINJABot v1.0 is


for forever.


Because NINJABot was built on ManyChat, you need to have their PRO plan. 

ManyChat's PRO plan starts from just $10/month.

NOTE: We are in no way associated or affiliated with ManyChat, we love their product and strongly believe that they can help many businesses grow.

Get The FREE Facebook Messenger Bot On Your eCommerce Store Now!