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Semantics3 scours the web to locate e-commerce website data and provide a robust product search API for developers and merchants. These databases aim to track every product with an online presence.

Their goal is to help their website visitors to understand their API and get them to book a demo call.


SaaS Product


11-50 Employees


Hari Viswanathan


20% increase in their demo call bookings.

25% increase in their customer satisfaction rate.

Semantics3 scours the web to locate e-commerce website data, collecting that data to provide a robust product search API for developers and merchants. These databases aim to track every product with an online presence.

The company wants only the most dedicated people to support their customers via chat and email. They've partnered with Live Chat Ninjas in 2015, and since then, we have increased their customer satisfaction rate by 25% and a 20% increase in their demo call bookings.

“We need live chat agents who are technically sound.”

Semantics3 is a Winter 2013, Y-Combinator-funded startup, founded by Varun Sivamani.

They operates the world’s largest e-commerce product database. A trusted and reliable provider of ready-to-use structured e-commerce product pricing and metadata, with coverage on all of the top 800 internet retailers.

As part of their services, they provide industry leading enterprise support for niche data applications to assist retailers, logistics companies and other commerce enterprises with their most pressing business intelligence issues. This is offered in the form of their Datascience-as-a-Service.

Hari Viswanathan

Business Growth Manager,  Semantics3

Hari Viswanathan, Manager of Growth and Operations at Semantics3.

During our initial call he explained his problem. He said,

“A major challenge in our business is that our customers are developers, which means they ask technical questions.

We want to adequately serve them right on our site and answer any questions they might have via chat, or redirect them to our engineers via mail.

We wanted our customers to be able to come to our site and get a real, live person waiting there to help them.

Obviously we can’t have our engineers man the chat function 24 hours a day.”

We understood his problem. Their customers are technical, and they wanted someone with technical knowledge to understand their business and chat with their customers.

Past Experiences

Regarding his past experience with similar companies, he explained:

We previously put up a chat box on our website with a form, that sent us an email when a customer sent a question. This solution was inadequate, as customers did not get a live agent immediately, and had to wait until my engineering team checked the chat logs.

Having a live chat widget helped tremendously, especially as we have been seeing strong growth in visitors to our site and new customers to serve every day.

We want to provide our customers the guarantee that their questions are being heard and answered by a real, live person – not just an automated system.

We want to guarantee our customers that we will take care of them and help grow their business.

He then shared his requirements for a perfect live chat team:

  • Ability to familiarize their API, and to answer basic technical questions.
  • Should be well-equipped to pull in their engineers as needed, and to answer complex technical questions.
  • Should be available to answer any frequently asked questions, including those that are not already covered in the documentation.
  • Willing to redirect customers to the appropriate documentation, or to schedule technical and/or business appointments with business development managers.

The Solution

Since we understood their problem, we wanted to solve it for them. After searching through our in-house team, we found three people with a background in computer science.

That was when we've scheduled a training call with Hari, he explained us about Semantics3, where he needs our help and the resources that we can use.

Our team rolled out a training manual created specifically for them, diving through their past chats, support tickets, documentation and their actual API to learn more about how they work.

After going online in just 3 days, we asked Hari to guide us through the most complicated questions for the first two weeks, the last thing we want to do is to give out wrong information to their visitors.

Within just a couple of weeks, Semantics3 shared their experience with us on their Twitter.

Where Are We Now?

In December 2015, Semantics3 upgraded to our semi-annual plan, and later in that month, they added us to their email support.

Today, we’re handling all of their customer support, and they’re more than happy to continue working with us.

Hari said that the benefits of working with us are:

  • 20% increase in their demo call bookings.
  • Measurable improvements in their monthly recurring revenue and customer retention.
  • Customers have been very happy with the improved service.

He also said:

LCN is easy to contact and easy to train. You guys are very responsive and very good at executing each and every task.

3 Things We Did To Increase Semantics3's Demo Call Bookings.

  • 1
    We took the time to understand their API and went through their documentation. Created a training manual that our agents use and refer to.
  • 2
    We've selected the best agents with computer science background to handle their live chat. Building the trust that we are the right people to talk with.
  • 3
    We promoted their demo call booking option at the right time during the conversation. Timing is very important if you want your visitors to take the action you want, anything earlier or too late in the conversation, and you'll loose a potential lead. Our agents are highly trained in this aspect.

We also monitored their live chat 24 hours a day and 6 days a week, with less than   1 minute response time for live chat and less than 1 hour reply time for email support.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders!”

Now that Live Chat Ninjas manages Semantics3’s live chat and email support, all Hari has to do is to get on calls with the new leads and convert them to their monthly subscriptions.

Business Growth Manager

(SaaS Product)

"We’re using a fantastic #livechat service to assist our customers, increasing satisfaction by 10-25%. Give them a try!"