Without a continuous inflow of qualified leads, your business would die.

There are a ton of marketing methods you can use to generate qualified leads, ranging from free methods like content marketing, social media and cold mailing to paid methods like Google ads, Facebook ads and advertising on blogs.

These methods can only get people to land on your websites and landing pages, they cannot motivate your potential customers to share their contact details with you.

So how can you motivate them to give you their contact details?

One thing. Live Chat.

5 Actionable Tips On Generating Qualified Leads Through Live Chat, Today!

Using live chat on your websites/landing pages gives you the ability to proactively initiate conversations with your potential customers and motivate them to share their names and email addresses with you.

Look at this example below:

  • You are an eCommerce store selling shoes online.
  • A visitor lands on your website find your live chat and gives your live chat representative a list of shoes that they cannot find on your website.
  • Your representative helps the customer in finding those shoes.
  • The customer is happy and thanks your representative.
  • At this moment, your representative asks your customer for their name and email.
  • Because your customer has had this great experience, he’s more than happy to share.

Boom! You’ve just generated a qualified lead.

Now, this customer might not buy from you right away, but he will eventually. What happened here, is where a lot of businesses, who aren’t using live chat, are losing leads.

Imagine what might have happened if you hadn’t had your live chat representative on your website when the customer wasn’t able to find the shoes he was interested in? He would have left your website and gone to your competition. Something you never want to happen.

Now that you know what happens when you don’t have live chat on your website or landing page, let’s flip it and see how you can maximize your lead generation via live chat with these 5 actionable tips today.

Tip #1 –  Pre-Chat Surveys

Pre-chat surveys are one of the best-kept secrets in the live chat lead generation game because not everyone is taking advantage of them.

A pre-chat survey is a gate that needs an identity to pass through. Just like you want your visitors to give their name and email before downloading your eBook, a pre-chat survey asks for your visitor’s name and email before they can initiate a chat.

It looks like this:

What’s amazing about this is that you’ll be able to filter less-qualified potential customers and attract highly-qualified potential customers to initiate a chat, and, you get to know their contact information.

What’s better than having the contact information of someone who’s ready to buy from you?

Plus, your live chat agents only spend time helping these highly-qualified leads, and not some random dude who happened to land on your website and had spare time to waste.

Pre-chat surveys alone contribute to almost 45% of the leads we generate for our clients at Live Chat Ninjas.

Tip #2 – Engage visitors while on your website

Live chat systems can monitor people on your website and invite them to initiate a chat when your pre-set criteria are met.

Criteria like “visitor browsing a product page”,

Or “when they’re on your checkout page” getting ready to place their order.

These targeted invitations are called “triggers” or “proactive chat invitations”, get the best 10 ideas on how you can use triggers.

Always remember that a person visiting a shoe website is interested in buying a pair, or why else would they be there in the first place?

Offering them help via live chat on your most important pages can significantly improve your chances of generating highly-qualified leads.


These are the 3 must-have triggers we use for all our eCommerce clients.

live chat triggers

Page: checkout – This trigger sends a message to everyone who’s on your checkout page for more than 2 minutes. Usually, checkouts do not take more than 2 minutes, so when someone is taking more time, it means that they’re either facing issues completing their purchase or they’re away.

This trigger will help them to either get help or get them back to their devices and complete their purchase.

Here’s how we set it up.

Time on site: 60 sec – This trigger is for every new visitor who’s browsing your website for more than 60 seconds, no matter the page. 60 seconds gives them enough time to get curious about what you sell, with this trigger you’ll let them know that your website offers live chat support which helps them to trust you more.

Here’s how we set it up.

Returning Visitor – Someone returning to your website is a clear indication that they’re interested in what you’re selling. We send this trigger within 30 seconds of them landing on your website, no matter the page. By this time, they’ll have some questions about your products/services and policies.

This trigger will help them to quickly initiate a chat with your live chat agents and get their questions answered.

Here’s how we set it up.


Tip #3 – Probing them to introduce themselves

How many times have you introduced yourself when someone says: “You’re Mr.?” (of course, if you’re a male) or “You’re Miss.?” I would say 100% of the time.

It’s a psychological trigger that gives us the sign that the other person wants to know our name, and what do you do when someone asks for your name?

You share it with them. It’s no different in a live chat. When your agent poses a question “You’re Mr./Ms.?”, your visitor is automatically prompted to introduce themselves.

We have to use both Mr./Ms. in an online chat, because obviously, we don’t know their gender.

What happens here is that it builds a subconscious trust in their brains when they’ve shared something so personal as their name with you. And when done right, your chat representatives will not have much difficulty in getting their email addresses after this step.

We at Live Chat Ninjas use this strategy all day long and almost every time we use it, we generate leads.

Here’s how we do it.

Hey, do you have this dress in red?
Hey, sure. Let me check that for you, Mr./Ms.?
Oh, I’m Jessica
Nice meeting you Jessica, I’m Susanne. Please give me a few minutes.
Sure Susanne.

Notice how we’ve incorporated this psychological trick at the end of the answer itself and made an instant connection with the visitor.

Tip #4 – Always provide extended help

If a customer comes in and asks for help on a specific subject, always help them with that first and then provide extended help. People appreciate the effort, and this goes a long way.

Say something like,

“Hey, we regularly update our website with new stock. Have you signed up for our newsletter? If you want, I can sign you up now, so you get the latest deals and new stock updates.”

Tip #5 – Offer to get back to them if something is not available

There are times when a customer asks for something that you do not currently have. This can range from not having a particular product in stock or something that has not been released yet.

In these cases, you can still generate a lead by asking them for their email address and mentioning that you’ll update them as soon as the product or service they’re after is available.

People always appreciate an update. Take advantage of this.

Let me demonstrate it with a sample chat:

Hey, do you have the blue duke jacket in stock?
Rachel (CSE)
Hey, let me check that for you real quick. Meanwhile, who am I talking with?
I’m John.
Rachel (CSE)
Nice meeting you John, I’m Rachel.
Rachel (CSE)
I’m sorry to say John, but unfortunately we don’t have the blue duke jacket in stock, we’re working on getting it back in stock. Would you like me to update you once it is available?
Yeah, that would be great.
Rachel (CSE)
Awesome! Can you please leave your email address here?
Sure, john.doe@gmail.com
Rachel (CSE)
Thank you, John, I’m sorry for the stock issues, it’s one of our popular products.
Yeah, I can understand. The jacket is fantastic, I love it.
Rachel (CSE)
🙂 Thank you, John, is there anything else I can help you with?
Nope! Thank you, Rachel.


Using live chat as a marketing channel to generate leads is something only a few online businesses are taking advantage of. If you want to grow your online business, you definitely have to take advantage of this lead generator along with your other marketing initiatives.

Not sure whether you can handle live chat 24 hours a day? Go get yourself a high-performing live chat lead generation team to do it for you and start counting those leads today!

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