Diamond Kicks Case Study

Diamond Kicks

A fun hobby turned into an online eCommerce business. Diamond Kicks was born out of the love of customized sneakers.




1-10 Employees


Mandy Tramer


171 sales leads from 189 chats in 31 days.

Conversion rate of 91.67%

When Diamond Kicks first approached Live Chat Ninjas, their customized shoe brand is growing like gangbusters with no end in the sight. Their unique products and customization helped them with their growth.

The company wants only the most dedicated people to support and convert more potential customers via live chat. They've partnered with Live Chat Ninjas in 2017 to handle their live chat and email support 24/6, and since then, we have generated them a ton of highly qualified leads and sales.

“We need live chat agents who can help us grow.”


Diamond Kicks was founded by Mandy Tramer, her love for shoes and in particular, sneakers is what she calls "an addiction".

This is her story behind starting Diamond Kicks.

Mandy Tramer


Diamond Kicks

My name is Mandy and I am the founder of Diamond Kicks based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have a huge addiction to buying shoes, in particular sneakers. One night while browsing online for a new pair of my beloved Nikes, I came across an idea to customize my own Nike sneakers using crystals. I quickly bought a waterproof glue and Swarovski crystals and starting doing my magic.

The shoe looked spectacular and I forgot about all other 49 pairs in my closet. These would become my everyday shoes.

After weeks of wear, numerous compliments and no crystals falling off, I knew I had a great idea. What girl wouldn't want to add some bling to their life?

I started off early 2016 selling a few pairs of shoes through social media and the feedback was fantastic but I knew I needed to take this further than just Facebook and Instagram so I decided to go online and here I am!

Diamond Kicks' products

The Problem

With customized products, we're talking about the making and shipping times in weeks, not days. With this current trend of Amazon's 1-day delivery, competing on the shipping duration is hard. But carefully customizing each and every order takes time when you want to deliver quality.

That's where Mandy hit the block, her potential customers didn't know about her long shipping duration (14-18 business days, excluding weekends and holidays) and most of them were reluctant to place the orders once they know it. Resulting in a ton of abandoned carts and a huge pile of email tickets asking about their order statuses.

The Solution & Results

Needing someone to help their potential customers in understanding their shipping policies and assuring them with their shipping/delivery dates, Live Chat Ninjas worked with Diamond Kicks to on-board 24/6 live chat team.

Diamond Kicks' conversion report from our software.

And the results are mind-blowing. From losing potential customers and having a huge pile of backlog support tickets, Live Chat Ninjas turned the situation and generated more leads while reducing support tickets drastically.

From July 19th to August 18th (31 days), we've generated 171 highly qualified leads from a total of 189 chats, with an unbelievable conversion rate of 90.48%.

While reducing the support tickets from 30-50 per day to 2-4 per day.

Diamond Kicks' leads list from our software.

3 Things We Did To Get Those Results.

  • 1
    Diamond Kicks customers didn't like counting the expected delivery dates. That's 14-18 business days minus weekends and holidays. We helped them with doing the math on our own and giving them that expected delivery date, which is a huge time saver and eliminated a lot of confusion for their customers.
  • 2
    Their products are in the range of $100-$300 and not many potential customers can afford it. That's why we always mentioned about their EMI options (using AfterPay) to convince more of their customers to buy from them.
  • 3
    With their fair share of post-sale (people who already bought) chat requests asking about their order statuses, we used Diamond Kicks' Shopify dashboard to give accurate status information and assured their customers that it will be delivered soon.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders!”

Now that Live Chat Ninjas manages Diamond Kicks' live chat, all Mandy has to do is to follow-up with her hot leads and convert them.

Want to generate more sales leads like Diamond Kicks?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Want to generate more sales leads like Diamond Kicks?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee