The Ultimate Course – Free thrivethemes template for digital courses.

The Ultimate course - free Thrivethemes template



The Ultimate Course

- Free ThriveThemes Course Template

Have a digital course to sell? But not sure how to build and what elements are needed on your landing page? Look no further, this free ThriveThemes template is built just for that.

Save dozens of hours researching the must-have elements that you need to boost your conversion rate, designing your landing page and connecting it with your checkout page. Use this free template and skip the landing page building process.

Tell your prospective customers why your course is the best and how, show them the benefits they get by taking your course, the bonuses you offer them if they act NOW and your payment plans.


This landing page contains all the must-have elements to sell your paid course. Here is a list of the sections that are included.


  • The Why Section Tell your potential customers “why” your course is the best. Call out your target audience here.
  • The What Section Show them the benefits they get by taking your course. Does your course teaches them a skill? Will it make their lives betters? List them all, 4 no-brainer benefits are what you need.
  • The Modules Section Now let’s get into the course itself. Show them how many modules your course includes and a short description of each. We have 2 versions of the modules section, v1 is just text and v2 is text + image/icon so you can describe better.
  • The Pricing Section Here’s the conversion kicker. Tell them what your course costs and give them your payment options. Not everyone can pay the full price at once, give them installments option so they can pay in 3, 6, 12 months.More people would be interested in the installments option (v2).

    But if you don’t want to offer that, just go with v1, one full payment. The best part? This section includes the money back guarantee and security badges. Conversion kicker.
  • The Bonuses Section All this is good, but they have to act NOW right? How can you make them do that? by giving time-bound bonuses. Show them all the great bonuses you offer if they act now. This is a conversion kicker too.
  • The Testimonials Section — How can someone believe you? That’s right, with testimonials from your existing students/customers. Show them what good people are talking about the course and how it changed their life or taught them a new skill. Credibility plays a major role in your sales, take advantage of that.
  • The Your Coach Section Introduce yourself (or the coach). Tell them who you are and why you are qualified to teach them what you are teaching. Put up your photo and write a brief description of yourself. People want to know about the coach before taking out their cash.
  • The FAQs Section — Of course, this is a must right? There will always be questions, answer the frequently asked in this section. You can add as many or as little as you want.
  • The Final CTA Section — This, to do 2 things. Remind them of what they have to do (to click and purchase your course) and 2, avoid the hassle of scrolling up to your pricing section and clicking there.

There you go. The 9 essential sections for a highly converting landing page geared towards paid courses. If you see, there is not 1 section that you can remove, this page is built that tight, keeping only the must-have sections.


Why this page? Well, let’s say you are sending traffic to the above landing page and people are really interested in your course, and they clicked on the “join now!” button to go ahead and purchase your course.

But, they found something odd, your checkout page isn’t looking similar to your landing page. The colors are different, the fonts are different, the whole look and feel is different.

Guess what? Your potential customers might think that they landed on the wrong checkout page and close your website. Which purely translates to “you just lost a customer!”.

Now, if you don’t want that to happen, you need this checkout page. Here are the elements we have on this checkout page to boost your conversions.

  • The Guarantee Badges — We took the same money-back guarantee and the security badges from the landing page and added it above the checkout form. Reinforcing to your potential customers that their money is safe and secure. Great conversion booster.
  • The Checkout Form — The checkout form was built using WooCommerce and customized to suit the template’s design. Add/modify/remove fields that you want, take payments using the payment method of your choice.
  • The Assurance Section — The assurance section on the right have 2 elements. 1 is the “What you get” which lists out all the top benefits, features that your potential customer will get, by purchasing your course. And 2, is the testimonials from your existing students, adding that credibility factor.


Now that you know what the template is, watch the instructional video below that teaches you how to install and connect both the pages on your  WordPress website and save hours building them yourself.




  • Landing Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Mobile Optimized (Responsive design)
  • ThriveThemes Compatible
  • One-Click Installation

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Love the freebie? Share it...