The Lead Genr – Free thrivethemes eBook landing page template



The Lead Genr

- Free ThriveThemes eBook Optin Landing Page Template

A lead generation landing page for your eBook. If you are sending your Facebook/Linkedin ad traffic to a non-conversion optimized landing page, you are loosing money.

You spend a ton of money on ads, make sure your landing page isn’t leaky. This conversion optimized eBook landing page template is built with just 1 goal in mind, to get the visitor to optin. The template includes the 5 most essential sections that informs your visitors and boost conversions.

This template includes The Landing Page and The Thank you page and is compatible with ThriveThemes.


This landing page contains many conversion optimized sections. Here is a list of the sections that are included.


  • Hero Section — This big and bold hero section is intimidating. A great headline will capture your audience attention the second they land on your page. Using arrows to direct your visitor’s eyes on to the optin form is a proven method that increases conversions, this template makes the best use of that.
  • The Best Shot Section — The reason someone scrolls down to read this section is to learn more about the eBook and what they get. If you are able to bring them to read this section, you won half the battle. But caution, there is an equal chance of turning off your visitor with what you’ll have in this section. Give your best shot at explaining more about the benefits they get by downloading your eBook and thou shall convert.
  • The Why Section — All good, they understood the benefits they get and this eBook is free, but why they have to download it? Give them a reason. Is this eBook time-bound? are you going to take it off soon? Trigger their decision making nerve.
  • The Testimonials Section — Of course yes, you do need testimonials to get people download your “free” eBook. Why? because free or not, you are asking them to give you their contact details to YOU, a complete stranger. Now, if you are a well known brand within your target market, you can remove this section but if you are not, this is a must. Include what other people are saying about your eBook. Testimonials = Social Proof.
  • The Final CTA Section — Ask them again. If they seeing this section, you can be sure that they are most likely to optin. Don’t make them scroll all the way to the top to perform the action you want them to do. Make it easy and thou shall convert.


Wow! They opted in, what’s next? Well, we should ask them to confirm their optin via the email that your email marketing system sends. This thank you page shows them the 3 steps they have to take now.

  • Step 1 — Ask them to click on the confirmation link in their email inbox.
  • Step 2 — Tell them that they will get instant access to your eBook right after they confirm.
  • Step 3 — Tell them the benefit they get from your eBook. For example if it is an eBook about Facebook Re-marketing, this step would be “Learn about Facebook Re-marketing and generate quality leads at the fraction of your current cost.”

Make sure you only deliver the eBook via email after they confirm their optin, if not you will be left with a ton of fake and unconfirmed leads that your email marketing system won’t let you use.

You can also add your up-sell below the 3 steps and continue the conversation with your new lead. Offer them to attend your free webinar or download another free lead magnet, or even offer them a low dollar value product  (trip-wire) and convert them from leads to customers. The options are unlimited.


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  • Landing Page
  • Thank you Page
  • Mobile Optimized (Responsive design)
  • ThriveThemes Compatible
  • One-Click Installation

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Love the freebie? Share it...