Frequently Asked Questions

+Will you man our live chat all day?
That’s right! We’ll be available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Sunday is a holiday.

+How will you guys know enough about my products and/or business?
The on-boarding form you will fill after you sign up gives us a ton of information about your business, products or services.

We then go ahead and research about your company, your competitors and your FAQs. We will also extract Q/As from your existing chats (if any).

All this information helps us to serve your visitors better.

+Who is responsible for Live Chat Ninjas, and where are they? I’m worried about security.
Mr. Praveen Kumar is the founder of the company, and he leads our team from India.

Our live chat agents are all former employees of various multinational companies, and they handle customer support for tech, consumer products, and banking giants.

These people are whom LCN relies on every day in order to ensure world-class customer service.

All of our team members are in-house and work through encrypted systems, no one will ever compromise your security.

+Can you use my existing live chat software?
Of course, we can. We do offer you a free live chat software along with our subscription, but if you already have one and want us to get on it, we can do it for you at no extra cost.
+How many chats do you take simultaneously? or How much load can you handle?
If you sign up for our starter plan which gives you 3 agents (1 in each shift x 3 shifts), we will handle 1 simultaneous chat at a time.

In case if we get more than 1 chat, those visitors would wait until the previous visitor ends the chat with our agents.

You can always increase the buffer limit by adding additional agents at $99/month/shift, we usually see high traffic in the US time-zone.

Our growth plan gives you 2 simultaneous chats and our connect plan gives you 3. If you want us to handle more simultaneous chats in a particular shift than your plan allows, $99/month/shift would be charged.

We are currently handling large accounts with 12 simultaneous chats.

+Is there a contract?
Not at all! Everything is month-to-month, and you can cancel our service at any time.
+What will I (or my team) have to do?
Right after you sign up, you have to answer every question in our on-boarding form and it takes 30 minutes to do that.

Other tasks you’ve to do regularly to ensure the best service is to check out the chat transcripts and give us feedback. Your feedback will help us to find if we’re making any mistakes and avoid them.

+How can your staff handle my live chat full-time for so cheap?
Our agents are offshore, and their cost of living is much lower than in the US or UK.

We have an office setup in India, where we provide regular training and consistently build upon our backend software to become more efficient.

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