Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust you?

Live Chat Ninjas is a 4 year old company with full-time employees and loyal customers. If we're in business for 4 years, it means that we're doing something legit.

But, gaining your trust is important to us and that is why, we offer a 30-Day 'pro-active' Money Back Guarantee.

By the end of your subscription, if we didn't convert any sales and leads for you, we'll pro-actively refund your charge even before you request it.

What does the training manual include?

A training manual is a database of all the essential FAQs, workflows & conditions that we'll build along with you, during your on-boarding process.

This training manual is the base for us to train our agents and get them on your website. 

If we get a chat with a question that's out of the training manual's scope, we'll convert that chat into a ticket, forward it to you seeking an answer and reply the ticket with your answer.

Plus, we'll add this newly found answer to the training manual and use it in the future.


FAQs = Questions & Answers.

Workflows = A process to be executed​. (eg. how the agent should search a dress on your website.)

Conditions = A condition that the agent needs to remember before giving out an answer. (eg. If the chat is from Australia, ask the customer to visit our Australian website.)


We will handle up-to 40 data-points (FAQs, workflows & conditions combined) when you start with us and will build it up with each data-point we receive.

Do you cover the entire week?

We cover 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. We take a day off on Sundays to relax, rejuvenate and come back energized the next Monday.

We do not work on Sundays.

What CRM/Email marketing tool you can sync leads to?

We can sync the leads we convert for you to almost all popular CRM/Email marketing tools out there. Most of them will have native integrations.

But if your tool don't have a native integration, we can set up the sync using Zapier. We can do that for you.

What does the weekly reports contain?

Weekly reports are sent every Monday or Tuesday directly to your email address. 

It contains statistics on the # of chats we've handled for you, # of hot leads we're able to generate and # of real sales we're able to convert for you.

The report also contains the rating your customers leave for our live chat ninjas.

Do you offer free live chat software?

We do not. We do this to make sure your data is yours and won't be locked out in our accounts, at any given point in time.

Plus, you'll also have the advantage of being able to check the chats, reports and talk with our agents directly, if the accounts our agents use are yours.

We recommend what software to use, buy you'll be paying for those seats.

Get your on-demand customer support team today!

Get your on-demand customer support team today!