Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about our service:

Live Chat Ninjas FAQ

Will you man our live chat all day?
That’s right! We’ll be available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

How will you guys know enough about my products and/or business?
We will schedule a one-on-one Skype session with you during our Trainability Test program. This will give you the opportunity to explain how your business really works, and to inform us of any standard customer questions you’d like us to know about. The longer our relationship, the more our agents will help your business grow.

Who is responsible for Live Chat Ninjas, and where are they? I’m worried about security.
Mr. Andrew James is the CEO of the company, and he leads our team from the UK. Our staff members are all former employees of various multinational companies, and they handle customer support for tech, consumer products and banking giants. These are the people on whom LCN relies everyday in order to ensure world-class customer service. All of our team members are in-house, so no one will ever compromise your security. We are a boutique organization.

Can you use my existing live chat software?
Unfortunately, no. We use, which is the very best live chat software on the market. It helps us track the quality of our employees and their interactions, which is a feature that no other software provides.

Is there a contract?
Not at all! Everything is month-to-month, and you can cancel our service at any time.

What will I (or my team) have to do?
All you have to do is let us know what you’re selling. Live Chat Ninjas will take care of everything else for you.

Will you talk to my customers over the phone?
No, we won’t. We work strictly via live chat. Our agents are fluent English speakers, and they all write extremely well. Try our live chat now, and talk to one of our agents to get a feel for our service.

How can your staff handle my live chat full-time for so cheap?
Our agents are offshore, and their cost of living is much lower than in the US or UK. We have an office setup in India, where we provide regular training and consistently build upon our backend software to become more efficient.


What is a Trainability Test?
Our Trainability Test is a unique program we’ve developed to provide a flawless service. The program lasts for two weeks, during which we will communicate with you to learn more about your product/service and train our agents at the same time. At the end of two weeks, we invite you to test our agents with a few demo chats, where you can ask them questions regarding your business.

How much does it cost?
We charge a flat fee of $20 per website. Since we invest a great deal of time in learning about your products, we only want to work with prospective customers. This small fee of $20 will help us keep non-serious prospects at bay.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, if our service fails to meet your needs, we’ll provide a partial refund.

What do I (or my team) have to do?
After you complete the purchase, we'll need you to complete the post-sale details form and let us know more about your business. Based on that form, we’ll create a training material for your business and train our agents over the next two weeks. The agents will engage with your visitors after 24h. At the end of two weeks, we'll present you with a personalized quote and either continue our collaboration or part ways.

Can anyone from my team work with you on my behalf?
Sure, we know you’re busy. However, we’d suggest involving only the people you think are as proficient as you are with your business.

What should I do if I’m satisfied with the test?
We’re very happy to hear you’re pleased with our service! If you’d like to extend your relationship with us, just sign up for one of our plans.

What if I’m not satisfied?
We’re sorry to hear that – are you sure you wouldn’t like to give us a second chance? This time, we’ll find another way to learn about your business. Then, if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll offer a partial refund.

How much time should I invest in the relationship?
All you need to do is set aside an hour for a Skype call, and another hour or two to test our agents in a demo chat at the end of the training period. We hope you’ll enjoy the process!