Customers are an essential aspect of a business. And not only because they are the source of revenue; but also because they are the very essence of the business. For this reason, a top-notch customer experience should always be a priority.

Now the question is: Are you doing it the right way? Are you giving your customers the experience they deserve?

The answers to these questions may lie in a podcast. More specifically, a customer service podcast. And there are several of them. Wondering how a podcast can improve your customer service delivery?

Podcasting is an industry on a meteoric rise. It’s a hotbed of valuable information in nearly every niche, including customer service. So, if you need practical tips and tricks to make your customers feel more appreciated, there is a podcast for that.

But with growing numbers of options, finding the right one can get exhausting. It can feel confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to.

We’ve compiled 9 top customer service podcasts that will give you a clearer picture of the importance of offering—not just customer service but— great customer service. They may help you gauge yourself and give you the means to climb the ladder to customer service success.

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The Best Customer Service Podcasts You Should Listen.

1. Decoding the Customer.

Julia Ahlfeldt

The host Julia Ahlfeldt, a customer experience expert, business advisor, and speaker, gives success stories and best practices on good customer service in her podcasts. She launched the show in 2017 to help both seasoned and new professionals.

In one of her CX mini-Masterclasses, ‘Rebroadcast of Measuring customer experience through leading and lagging indicator’ show host Julia shares a few examples of how one can formulate a balanced view of customer experience with enough mix of CX metrics and measures.

Julia emphasizes that customer experience is not a mere buzzword but the center of every business.
She shares her thoughts on CX (customer experience) partnering with other leaders (like Jeanne Bliss, a customer experience expert and industry pioneer) working in the same field.

2. Women in Customer Success.

Women in Customer Success
This women-only podcast hosted by Marija Skobe-Pilley features women who are professionals in the industry. In each episode, the brilliant Marija hosts an industry leader to share their inspirational stories, with the hope that a listener may relate and try implementing some lessons in their businesses.

Monique Witt Araya, the senior customer success manager at Unbounce, was one of the guests on the Marija Skobe-Pilley podcast. She gave a tip on customer success that involves both listening and scouting.

She said, “Customer success involves both listening and scouting. Actively listening to your customers is a fine art. But truly active listening isn’t as easy as it sounds.”

She emphasized the importance of transparency between the business and its customers.

3. What it Means: A Forrester podcast.

What it Means A Forrester podcast
What it Means podcast is led by two of Forrester’s VPs(vice presidents). They upload a weekly podcast featuring these forester analysts who mainly discuss the latest challenges and trends.

The Forrester market research team carefully researches these trends. They do so to ensure the listeners understand these changes better and know what they mean and what you can do about them. These discussions are intended to give the listeners the courage and boldness to become customer-obsessed.

They have specific topics ranging from marketing planning and B2B buying trends to the latest tech-driven innovation and CX designs.

4. Customer Uplift.

Customer Uplift
Customer Uplift is an informative podcast with tricks and tips on various topics. From adding value to a customer to leveraging emotional intelligence in Customer Success, these podcasts will help you learn how to plan your customer success strategies.

The customer success professionals invited to the show usually share all the nitty-gritty of a business- how they started up to where they are. They also share their game-changing processes as well as their favorite resources.

5. The Modern Customer Podcast.

The Modern Customer Podcast

The show is hosted by Blake Morgan. The Queen of CX– according to Meta.

The modern customer podcast has featured professionals from Allstate, Zappos, and Wayfair. These gurus have shared insights on how you can leverage modern technology to the benefit of your customers.

Some have also given tips on building a customer-centric business. In one of the podcasts, Kofi Amoo-Gottfried–Cmo of DoorDash– says, “You’re only as good as your ability to solve problems for your customers and their communities.

6. Repeat Customer.

Repeat Customer

This podcast’s primary focus is on the behind-the-scenes.

Repeat Customer features both the buyer and the seller. The seller, in this case, is usually a company with great-rated customer service. The company representative explains how they manage to maintain their clients and how they eventually turn them into superfans.

Some have taken the initiative of telling the listener the importance of breaking the traditional ways of doing business, replanning the touch points, and driving the business focus to the customers.

When it comes to the buyer, those turned into superfans share their stories on how they feel towards the brand.
This podcast is produced by Zendesk and hosted by Mio Adilman



Churn.FM is the crème de la crème of customer service podcasts in this list. It has over 100 aired podcast episodes and dubbed itself “the podcast for subscription economy pros.” However, their lessons apply in several other markets.

This customer success podcast is hosted by Andrew Michael, who weekly features a guest who gets into an engaging session to share insights regarding the topic ‘customer experience’.

At the Churn.FM, you will have a chance to listen to different individuals performing different roles, talking about their journey as they constantly work on increasing customer retention and engagement in their companies.

9. CSM Toolbox.

CSM Toolbox

The CSM toolbox team is dedicated to ensuring that listeners have trendy podcasts on customer service. They release new episodes daily featuring experts in customer success, product, Community management, and marketing.

The show is hosted by Isabel Ruiz and will help you gauge where you’re at regarding your customer success career.

10. The Jasons.

The Jasons

This famous customer success podcast is known for its insightful conversations that will leave you replenished. It is purposed to help advance the practices and thinking of customer success professionals with the topic hovering around the important customer success topics.

It is hosted by two Jasons with so much in common, making the podcast even more lively and relatable. The first co-host is Jason Noble, a UK-based visionary CS executive, and leader; the second, Jason Whitehead, is an Us-based CS and Software Adoption leader.

So, Which Customer Service Podcast Should You Listen to?

All these podcasts are a great listen. Whether a pro or a beginner, the list may be just what you need to kickstart your journey to customer success. You can never get enough on how to make your customer feel valued.

And if you feel you have some more tips you can share with other business owners, you can start your own podcast. PS: We have a free course for that.

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