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How To Deal With Your Live Chat Visitors? [Shopify Special]

As an Shopify store owner, you have found the need to stream line your customer service as your business grows. But there are plenty of options available for a small business like yours and each come with complications. Composure can be a tricky thing to master on the phone while continuity is the trick when corresponding with visitors via email. The beauty of live chat is it is the best of both live interaction and methodical controlled communication. So you can represent your company both instantly and with your best foot forward. As you begin your customer service in live chat, you must realize no two chats will be exactly the same and as a result difficult situations can arise from questions you may not immediately have answers for,sa to abusive visitors. But if you familiarize with the 7 basic types of chats you can be assured that you are prepared for almost anything a visitor might throw your way. Read More

How We Attracted Our First 11 Customers

Do you believe in the phrase Do or die? Many people are afraid of putting all their eggs in one basket; they fear the situations they’ll have to face if they fail. I used to be the same way. Over the past 4 years I’ve spent as an entrepreneur, I feared failure. In May 2015, however, I decided that enough was enough. Even though is operating smoothly, my subconscious has yet to realize that I can't reach my goals with an agency model business. Exhausted by fighting for new customers, I—along with my friend/cofounder Narasimha—decided to start a new business one last time. We decided that if we didn’t get 10 customers by the end of May, we were going to leave the company behind. Read More

5 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail At Initial Stages

As long as you have enough resources, starting a business is not a hard task. However, the turn of events after the business has started squarely rests on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. Things can turn favorable or unfavorable depending on the approach of the entrepreneur. You must understand that a business is usually very critical at initial stages and any wrong move can instigate hazardous implications. Here is a list of 5 reasons why most entrepreneurs fail at the initial stages of their businesses: Read More

5 Deadly mistakes that killed my startup

So it all started In late 2013, me (Praveen) right after my engineering degree, was in full swing, dreaming about creating a company. I've started freelancing as an animator creating custom made explainer videos and went on to create a company with 20 employees at a point, which contains my hard work, sleepless nights, day dreams, strategies, people. In late 2014, everything started collapsing, the small empire I built on my own, which I considered as my pride, became nothing by the end of 2014. A great shock I faced till now, in my 23 years of life. Something I strongly believed that won't be a failure sank in just 1 year, which made me mad, but eventually I realized to figure out what went wrong. Here is the list of Top 5 mistakes I've done in my first startup. Read More