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How To Deal With Your Live Chat Visitors? [Shopify Special]

As an Shopify store owner, you have found the need to stream line your customer service as your business grows. But there are plenty of options available for a small business like yours and each come with complications.

Composure can be a tricky thing to master on the phone while continuity is the trick when corresponding with visitors via email. The beauty of live chat is it is the best of both live interaction and methodical controlled communication. So you can represent your company both instantly and with your best foot forward.

As you begin your customer service in live chat, you must realize no two chats will be exactly the same and as a result difficult situations can arise from questions you may not immediately have answers for,sa to abusive visitors. But if you familiarize with the 7 basic types of chats you can be assured that you are prepared for almost anything a visitor might throw your way.

Our 6-Months Content Marketing Plan

I’ve heard many great people say that content marketing is the only way to bring a constant flow of sales in to your startup but I have never given it 100% to see what the results might be. Why? Well I’m not a native English speaker and writing is not something I find time to do every day.

I love conversations and I’d much rather spend time chatting with someone on Instant Messenger than emailing them. Sadly neither Instant Messenger nor email will send traffic to our website and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that content marketing is the answer.


Shamefully, my last blog post was 5 months ago. I’ve been so caught up with our internal operations that I haven’t found the time to write about what’s going on in the company. Now that our Operations area is once again running smoothly, I’m back to looking at our marketing and have spent the whole of March thinking about what we can effectively do. I know content marketing is the way, but I’ve just been avoiding it.

We’re Hiring


Live Chat Ninjas is one of the fastest growing Startup based in of Vizag with a marketing team in Missouri, USA. Our mission here is to bring the same high quality customer support that fortune 500 companies enjoy, to Entrepreneurs, Small and medium online businesses.

Launched on 5th May 2015, we’re growing at a great phase at which the business became stable within 3 months and with 30+ happy customers. We have an energetic team working 24 hours a day, 6 days a week constantly being online and serving each & every chat we get.

How We Attracted Our First 11 Customers

Do you believe in the phrase Do or die? Many people are afraid of putting all their eggs in one basket; they fear the situations they’ll have to face if they fail. I used to be the same way. Over the past 4 years I’ve spent as an entrepreneur, I feared failure. In May 2015, however, I decided that enough was enough. Even though is operating smoothly, my subconscious has yet to realize that I can’t reach my goals with an agency model business. Exhausted by fighting for new customers, I—along with my friend/cofounder Narasimha—decided to start a new business one last time. We decided that if we didn’t get 10 customers by the end of May, we were going to leave the company behind.

5 Months Into Business, $3473 MRR. Our Monthly Report – September 2015

It’s been almost 5 months since we launched Live Chat Ninjas. Our journey required a whole lot of struggle, 2 determined Entrepreneurs and an inspiring story — and in the end we managed to build a $3500 monthly recurring, stable business. We’ve been able to secure $3473 MRR in just 4 months by offering 24 hours a day, 6 days a week Live Chat Support to our customers.

We have a really interesting story concerning what we did in May 2015, and we’ll be posting it under “How We Got Our First 10 Customers” soon, but here’s the short version:

The Failure Story – Dan Norris,

This interview series is not like any other one, this is something different. Yes, we do take real interviews from real, successful Entrepreneurs but still, different. No, it’s not like we’re using a new technology, like holographic interview or something. What we’re doing is to know how these most successful Entrepreneurs, once FAILED.

Me (Praveen) at Live Chat Ninjas, want to bring those dark days on the screen. Why? because, I failed once, badly! with my first startup and at that time, there is nothing like this to tell me, to educate me not make the mistakes I’ve done with my startup. I wish I could find something like this back then. I want the young, aspiring entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs to understand this, “Failure is inevitable. Embarrass it“.