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ManyPixels Startup Story – From $0 To $50,000 MRR In 4 Months.

Don’t have the time to watch? Listen instead: In this “My Startup Story” interview series, we’re going to dive deep into the story of Robin Vander Heyden, founder of ManyPixels – an unlimited productized graphic design service. Learn about how Robin grew Manypixels into a $50,000 MRR business in just 4 months, the challenges he faced and how he overcame…

5 Actionable Tips On Generating Qualified Leads Through Live Chat Today

Without a continuous inflow of qualified leads, your business would die. There are a ton of marketing methods you can use to generate qualified leads, ranging from free methods like content marketing, social media and cold mailing to paid methods like Google ads, Facebook ads and advertising on blogs. These methods can only get people to land on your websites…

The Failure Story – Dan Norris, WPCurve.com

This interview series is not like any other one, this is something different. Yes, we do take real interviews from real, successful Entrepreneurs but still, different. No, it’s not like we’re using new technology, like a holographic interview or something. What we’re doing is to know how these most successful Entrepreneurs, once FAILED. Me (Praveen) at Live Chat Ninjas, want…