It’s been almost 5 months since we launched Live Chat Ninjas. Our journey required a whole lot of struggle, 2 determined Entrepreneurs and an inspiring story — and in the end, we managed to build a $3500 monthly recurring, stable business. We’ve been able to secure $3473 MRR in just 4 months by offering 24 hours a day, 6 days a week Live Chat Support to our customers.

We have a really interesting story concerning what we did in May 2015, and we’ll be posting it under “How We Got Our First 10 Customers” soon, but here’s the short version:

I was really frustrated with our previous business, where we produced custom-made Explainer videos (we ran that business for 1.5 years) and were left with debt. After reading Dan Norris’s book “The 7 Day Startup“, we took our idea of providing 24/6 live chat agents for online businesses, bringing the same high-quality service that Fortune 500 companies enjoy with their outsourced lead generation efforts, which helps them to bring in more leads and hoards of potential sales.

That was when we reconsidered our idea in order to make it affordable for our customers, not to mention great for us to execute. We launched our website in May 2015, and with my marketing experience, we focused on targeting e-commerce businesses. We secured 11 customers in just 15 days! If you’re wondering how we managed to pull that off, you can read all about it in detail in our next post. We’ve been growing our business ever since, and now we’re at 24 active customers (after churn). In the last month, we’ve achieved a 0% churn rate and shifted to a new office, after having recruited few more Live Chat Ninjas.

Take a look at our income graph from the past 5 months:

September Monthly Report - Live Chat Ninjas


September was one of our best months after May 2015. We’ve able to work on our processes, making our Operations easier than ever before.

TRAINING COURSE: We created a weeklong training course for all new recruits, which includes presenting who we are, who our customers are, their expectations, what we’re doing and our USP of delivering human interactions — plus all the other technical stuff that goes along with goes into our business! This is all followed by mock tests and scores, making sure that only the best step inside and become a Live Chat Ninja.

CHATS HISTORY: We found that our customers are simply unable to track the number of chats we’re sending them every shift, day, week and month. Consequently, we’ve created a Google Spreadsheet and asked all our agents to record their numbers there. This has helped us to show our customers exactly what’s going on. Have a look at a sample below:

September Monthly Report - Live Chat Ninjas

FEEDBACK SYSTEM: Help Scout is something every productized service business needs. I have to agree that our feedback system was less than ideal until I found Help Scout. Now all our chat feedback is automatically assigned to the Ninja who helped a specific customer, leaving him or her responsible for resolving the issue with that customer. Then the Ninja updates his or her team lead, who gives all the necessary information to the other Ninjas responsible for that customer in the other 2 shifts. I just set it up few days ago and everything’s working great. Here’s a screenshot of the new system:

September Monthly Report - Live Chat Ninjas

MARKETING: On the marketing side, we’re working on Content Marketing in particular. Our focus is on lead generation through chat, and we write how people can use chat to generate leads from their website traffic with real-time examples, experiments and metrics as we move forward.

Our customers are more than happy when we implement new techniques to engage more visitors and improve our pre-sale customer service.


On the Operations side of things, we’ve always loved the way we work from home — no admin hassles, no maintenance and no restrictions. In October, we’re planning on making our business completely remote, with an office that our employees can visit and work from any time they want. This will make us the first work-from-home startup in our city (Vizag).

In terms of marketing, we’re planning on expanding our service to other businesses, rather than limiting ourselves to e-commerce — we’ll let you know how that goes!


I’m not able to work on marketing this month, as both Narasimha and I concentrated on making the service and Operations better than ever before. However, we’re still enjoying a 42% conversion rate on our eBook Facebook Re-Marketing for eCommerce, and people are loving it. You can download it here: http://offers.wordpress-184144-808172.cloudwaysapps.com.

Our eBook is all about how to re-target your website visitors via Facebook, and how to show your ad to only those who have already visited your site, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased brand awareness. In short, our eBook suits every type of business, so don’t hesitate to download it!


This is the coolest part. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how happy our customers are with our service. We’ve already gotten a number of great testimonials — you can have a look at them here: http://livechatninjas.com/customers/

We’re also working on 2 case studies with a SaaS company and a blogger. Most likely, we’ll publish them in mid-October, which may get our prospects to trust us more.

September Monthly Report - Live Chat Ninjas

September Monthly Report - Live Chat Ninjas


So there you have it — that’s everything we’ve done this month. I want to continue giving updates each month, which will help budding entrepreneurs in the field of productized services. I’m also working on an interview series, where we talk with successful entrepreneurs about how they’ve failed in the past. You can read our first interview here.


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