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Startup Customer Support, Done.

Live Chat Ninjas offers 24/6 Customer Support as a Service: On-demand, fully managed, multi-channel support for a flat monthly fee.

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171 sales leads from 189 chats in 31 days, learn how we did it for Diamond Kicks.

Chats Handled: 189 | Leads Generated: 171 | Conversion Rate: 90.48%

Chats Handled: 190

Leads Generated: 175

Conversion Rate: 92.11%

How We Generated 20% More Leads For Semantics3 With 24/6 Live Chat

20% increase in demo call bookings. |  25% increase in customer satisfaction rate.

20% increase in demo call bookings. 25% increase in customer satisfaction rate.

Why Us?

Unlike other outsourced customer service providers who require minimum volumes, we're startup-friendly. We don't require a minimum volume to offer a great service to your customers.

  • 24 Hours A Day & 6 Days A Week.

When you go global your customers are virtually awake 24 hours a day, and we believe that your customer support should be too.

That's why we offer a 24 hours a day, 6 days a week coverage to match up with your customers' growing needs.

  • FREE Concierge Migration

Customer service is something you have to offer your customers from Day 1 of your business, it maybe via email, live chat or phone.

If you already have a process in place but you know it's not efficient, we can help you with a free concierge migration.

Your account manager will setup a call with you/your existing customer support team, learn your existing processes and workflows, create new ones that can improve the service quality, train our agents and get them up and running.

Completely free. All you have to do is to give feedback on the training material we'll create for you and that is it.

  • Burst Management

We know you're constantly working on growing your business. A planned or un-planned event can trigger an overage in incoming support tickets, event ranging from product launches, media mentions, holiday spikes to product outages, delivery issues, bugs or a negative media coverage.

Whatever happens, we've got you covered. Our trained teams can handle 3x the normal volume at no extra cost.

  • Guaranteed <2 hour Response Time.

Beat your competition and awe your customers with an industry-leading less than 2 hour response time for every support ticket you receive.

  • Startup Friendly

Unlike other outsourced customer service providers who require minimum volumes, we're startup-friendly. 

We don't need you to match our requirements, instead we match your current volume at an unbeatable price.

  • Complete Agent Management, Training, QC & Reports.

Our end-to-end management solution includes:

1. Hiring & Training Agents - We hire and train agents on your behalf. To make sure we cover 24 hours, we'll assign 3 primary agents to your account + 1 agent to fill the place of any primary agent who takes a leave.

After we on-board you, your account manager (our team leader) will get on a call with you to learn your existing process, create workflows and a training manual. He/she then trains their team with different mock scenarios to make sure the team is up to the mark.

3. Quality Control - Once our agents takes over your customer support, our quality control team closely monitors each and every response our agents send out. Ensuring quality with every ticket.

4. Data & Reports - We work directly with the current email support software you're using, so your data is protected. Plus, with our weekly and monthly reports, you can be on top of your customer CSATs and other metrics that determine our service quality.

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Real-time conversion metrics.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." and we're all about measuring and improving your results. 

Our software gives you real-time data on the leads and sales we generate, along with their conversion rates and the value we bring to the table.

Complete control on your chats.

Unlike other live chat services, with us you'll have a complete control on your chats. Just login to our software to read all of your chat transcripts, download your leads list, make changes to your knowledge base, check your reports and give us feedback.

You can also chat directly with your agents and guide them. Plus, with email notifications you'll know instantly when something happens.

Let me show you how we can generate leads and convert sales on your website.

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Integrating Live Chat Ninjas have proven invaluable in supporting our customers to find the products they want and answering their queries.

Our email Inquires have significantly dropped as our customers get instant answers via live chat. They’re continually improving their service level as they proactively implement the feedback we provide. Not to mention a constant increase in our sales.

Our pricing starts from just $94/month for unlimited 24/6 live chat lead generation.

Our pricing starts from just $94/month for unlimited 24/6 live chat lead generation.