Live Chat Agents On Your Dropshipping Store!

Build trust and generate more sales with your shopify dropshipping
store visitors. 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We’re unlike any other agency. Our focus is on generating more sales/leads.

We are an effective marketing + customer support team for every dropshipper.

Our team consists of people who have done dropshipping earlier. We know what your expectations are for your store and how you market.

We will make sure your potential customers know their shipping durations before ordering, which helps in preventing “delayed shipment” issues and paypal chargebacks. We take criticism if that supplier from Aliexpress didn’t ship the product and ensure your customer that everything will be fine, talk about building customer trust. Did we mention our focus is on generating more sales/leads from the traffic you get from Facebook ads and Instagram shoutouts?

We help you with customer support and trust building factors while you focus on marketing and growing your business. How cool is that?

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We are professionals who engage visitors without pestering them.

We know how hard it is to maintain good traffic. You search, learn and apply countless growth hacking techniques, in addition to a series of marketing strategies. You do everything you can to drive prospective customers to your Dropshipping store.

Why not show them just how much you care by helping them find the right product(s) to maximize their experience with you? Throw in humor when you can; make them smile, and ensure their conversation with you is memorable. Make sure to answer their queries as soon as possible when they’re on your website. Again, let them know how much you care!

Everyone loves to work with brands that love them back. Unlike most other agencies, we will never mess with your visitors or miss an opportunity to help them out.

You love getting more leads. And we never constrain them.

Some agencies charge clients for extra leads, but in our opinion, that is a questionable marketing technique. What’s the point of hiring us to serve your customers around the clock if we’re simply going to charge you for extra leads? The only way to ensure customer loyalty is to remain transparent and genuine, and that’s exactly what we believe in.

We will instantly send any number of leads right to your inbox, and we’ll update you consistently. Work with us, and you’ll never ignore your customers or miss a lead again! More over, we’ll try hard to generate sales during the chat itself.

Customer behavior, expectations & suggestions for growth.

Whether you’re an ecommerce business or a dropshipper, knowing what users want is tough. It’s important, though, because clients expect a solid, effective system.

While we engage your potential customers, we’ll learn exactly what they want. In addition, we’ll address the feedback and criticism we receive, which will help you improve your service. Analyzing the behavior of your customers will send your growth through the roof.

How it Works?

Initial Setup

After you Sign-up, you’ll be taken to our Initial setup system, where you can add all the information (FAQs) that we’ll ask for. We’ll then take that information and train our agents to understand your products and business.

Agents Start Chatting

Our agents will start chatting with your store visitors. With the knowledge they’ve acquired from the training program, they will talk with your visitors in a simultaneously casual and polite way.

Weekly Reports & Feedback

Every Monday, you will receive a detailed performance report from the previous week, including the number of leads/sales we’ve generated, chats and more. Any feedback will help our agents make further improvements to your system.

What our customers are saying

Being a dropshipping company from USA, I know that customer support will be of tremendous help in building trust and for driving sales/leads from our visitors.

Live Chat Ninjas helped us with both of these. We now have loyal customers and more sales every month.

Janis TelloFounder @ Just Enaj

We’re a complete dropshipping store based out of Australia. We signed up with LCN in April, 2016 and never looked back. These guys knew their stuff!

Earlier we had many missed sales because of our shipping duration, but LCN figured this out and informed every of our customer about this before their purchase. We’re now happy to see a great decrease in our Paypal charge-backs and cancellations.

Gary PaulFounder @ Geek Hoodies

These guys helped me with the 2 most needed aspects of any eCommerce business, fastest response time and lead generation from our visitors. You really need to give a try! they’re the best.

Tanya MarwahFounder @

Live Chat has been by far the best way for us to increase the amount of lead generation on our store. The only problem was trying to find a capable enough team to manage it. We could do it ourselves, but many of our team members had other responsibilities. Alternatively, we could have hired someone local or even a virtual assistant, but being a small business – we wouldn’t be getting enough conversations per eight hour shift to fill up their time.

This is where Live Chat Ninjas came in and changed the game. Their pricing is reasonable and their service is outstanding. After the initial setup, almost 95% of questions are answered perfectly. The great thing is that they are constantly open to critique and we are always changing their responses to fit our customers needs.

Brandon WongFounder @ PhotoBoothSupplyCo

Integrating Live Chat Ninjas have proven invaluable in supporting our customers to find the products they want and answering their queries.

Our email Inquires have significantly dropped as our customers get instant answers via live chat. They’re continually improving their service level as they proactively implement the feedback we provide.

Bavan PalasanthiranFounder @ Fonesalesman

These guys are passionate and quick to learn of any changes in my company. I can say they’re dedicated and all I needed is that.
PS: They work really well with high traffic stores like mine.

Mike MetcalfFounder @

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